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As it is becoming mandatory to have an employee pension scheme now is the time to be putting on in place. Informed have a specialist division to help the local companies of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to do just that…

NEST COMPANY PENSIONS – The key pointers

  • The main features of NEST are:
  • In Law it will become mandatory for all companies and employees.
  • It is a defined contribution scheme yet with flexible savings and low charges.

The New Law

From 2012 the Government is phasing in a new pension scheme NEST  which will require all businesses to contribute towards staff pensions. Most small businesses will not be affected by this until 2014 but introducing a NEST compliant scheme is good practice for an employer earlier will mean you will have in place before the deadline.

What is a NEST scheme

NEST is  independently-run, specifically designed for low-to-moderate earners  whose employer does not have a pension  scheme. Self employed who wish to set up a personal pension can also us NEST.

The NEST contribution limit will be £4,000 per annum, made up combined from the employee, their employer and the government through, tax relief. The minimum employer contribution is 3% of qualifying earnings.

NEST charges

NEST charges are low ; annual management charge at 0.3% and an initial charge of 1.8% on contributions.

To make it simple to follow NEST investment choices will be limited to a five default funds and an ethical fund.
INFORMED can lay out your options and help you make the best decisions for both employee and employer

It is becoming law for every company to have a pension scheme for its employees.
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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