The INFORMED Overview

ASU – Accidental Sickness and Unemployment is the replacement for PPI. Whilst benefits are limited this type of insurance does have a role and can provide useful protection at a critical time

ASU – The key pointers

  • ASU overs realistic cover to provide for major re-payments
  • Paid monthly cover usually lasts a year

What ASU provides

Accident Sickness and Unemployment insurance provides with monthly income free of tax usually for a year if you are not working due to injury, sickness or redundancy.

Choose the cover

Select the cover you need for redundancy, sickness, injury or all three. You should consider protecting against mortgage or rent payments and loan repayments.

Is it suitable?

ASU insurance is most suitable if you need the financial security to cope with earnings loss if you become ill or are injured or made redundant.

A now worthwhile insurance after the discredited PPI

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