The INFORMED Overview

Structured Deposits can provide the opportunity to compensate for the fluctuations and low returns from many other investments. Performance is usually measured against a given outcome but they can be useful in ensuring maintenance of your original capital investment. Informed have a made a special study of Structured Investment products and can offer excellent in depth expert opinion

Structured Deposits – The Key Benefits

  • Structured Deposits provide a hedge against market fluctuation
  • There are three key types of plan
  • They need to be seen in the context of the market overall

What types of structured deposit products are available?

There is a wide range of deposit based structured products so  it is important to you decide the type of returns wanted  before you actually start to compare accounts.

Income plans

Paying a yearly return rather than a lump sum in interest when the account matures. Usually they pay out when the underlying index value (usually based of the FTSE 100) ends within an upper and lower levels, giving a level of insurance against poor performance in the market.

Early maturity

These plans and give you greater control over your money  by allowing you to close your account early, often when the underlying index value is higher than when  opened. They do pay upon maturity, but it is important to fully understand the conditions which apply when you can close the account.

Structured deposit plans

Usually set for a period of 5-6 years with an objective of  capital growth. Some plans yield a fixed return each year the index value is met, others are equity linked and can offer 100% or more of any index rise.

These range of choices means it is important to take expert advice not only in Structured Deposits but in the full panoply of all investment, this is what Informed can offer you.

Structure Deposits aim to provide protection against market fluctuations
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