The INFORMED Overview

Similar to a personal pension but with certain rules and cost controls which mean Stakeholder Pensions can offer good value for those on lower incomes.

Stakeholder Pension – The Key Benefits

  • Scheme designed for those on lower incomes
  • Offers low and flexible payments
  • Costs are low and capped
  • There are now alternatives

Stakeholder Pensions

Stakeholder Pensions were introduced  because the basic state pension is unlikely to provide enough income for most people in their retirement.

It is intended that Stakeholder Pensions should be simple to understand as well as being lower cost and more flexible than traditional personal pensions .They are intended as an alternative to personal pensions for those who do not have access  to  an occupational pension schemes.

Money paid into a stakeholder pension will be invested in items such as stocks and shares, bonds and cash savings accounts. Some schemes offer a choice as to how contributions are invested.

Stakeholder pensions are designed to be low-risk products, yet offer  a higher income in retirement than they might otherwise  achieve

Stakeholder pension providers  are not allowed to charge  more than 1% of the value of the pension fund each year for managing it , many  pension providers charge more. There are  no penalties for transferring money in or out, stopping and starting contributions or for retiring early.

With a stakeholder scheme, individual contributions can be as little as £20, paid irregularly  if desired.

Like all pensions Stakeholder Pension contributions take advantage of the  tax relief offered by the Government adding to whatever is paid in. For  instance for basic rate taxpayers  every £200  paid in  £250 is actually invested in the pension.

Today there are more options available particularly the new Workplace Pensions scheme Informed IFA  can help you make the right choices by giving making  fully  aware of all the options available to you


Stakeholder Pensions are option worth considering for those on low incomes as they offer flexibility and low charges. Although there are now other alternatives.
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