The INFORMED Overview

INFORMED can provide a full analysis and assessment of your portfolio. Our detailed report covers the historic, current and prospective risk associated with both the funds and assets held. Of course it is not possible to entirely remove risk however we are able to advise and recommend any changes required to meet your needs.

Risk assessment – The Key Benefits

  • Diligent risk assessment is vital for significant portfolios
  • Establishing intended outcomes against market performance
  • Tailored to each client
  • Easy to understand report

Risk Scenarios

Everyone’s circumstances are different that’s why it important to fully understand the individual special circumstances. Most commonly thought to be important in the attitude to risk are the first overall extent of personal wealth and discretionary funds and secondly the period over which the investments will run and the lifestyle changes anticipated.

Types of Risk

Risk specific to a given share, such as a poor management team, changes to regulation or other event driven risks are know as unsystematic risk. Informed uses its knowledge and expertise to in effect ‘diversify away’  such risk. On the other hand systematic risk that is ‘market risk’  is inherent in the market risk  so risk can be measured. Such risk is often given a  beta (?) rating. Consequently a share with a beta of 1.0 is deemed to perform exactly in line with the market.

Other indices

The act of risk assessment can involve more sophisticated measurement from ‘The Sharpe Ratio’ to  ‘Standard Deviation’ and many more. Whilst it is not possible to remove risk entirely Informed IFA use the appropriate measurements to apply to each portfolio and set of investments to establish the right risk profile and balance with the intended reward within an agreed time-scale.

Informed can guide you through the complexities of Risk Assessment to match your investment plans
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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