The INFORMED Overview

There are a variety of choices for investments which yield and income form savings products to dividend bearing shares. Informed can help you choose the right mix designed to deliver income and aim to protect capital.

Regular Income – The Key Benefits

  • A number of options
  • Need to take into account inflation
  • Dividend bearing shares need careful selection
  • Structured Products can be a good option

Regular Income

If you feel you want to opt for an on-going income from your investments, assets and capital we at Informed can advise you how best to achieve such an income and do as much as can be done to protect the original value.

The three key investment options to consider for a regular income

  1. Although interest rates are low holding a cash ISA means any interest is tax free.
  2. Fixed interest bonds ( often purchased through Bond funds )and Corporate Bonds can be useful in this context.
  3. Dividend Bearing shares in blue chip companies often with underlying good cash flow.

However the strength of financial expertise can be utilised through specific Investment funds seeking income from equities. These can be as a unit trust or OIEC and Investment Trusts which have a different structure by investing directly in specific shares. In practice Investment Trusts can retain up to  15% of income in any given year to ‘smooth’ out any fluctuations. The investments can be made in bonds, equities, property and money markets. Informed will assess how much income a fund could generate by looking at the yield. This measures income as a percentage of the value of the fund.

In addition Structured Products can be used to provide income over a set period of time.

As performance varies it makes sense to use the expertise of the Informed team

Having a regular income can sometimes be more important than capital growth. Informed can help you make the right investment decisions
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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