The INFORMED Overview

There are times when it maybe advisable to consolidate a number of different schemes and arrangements. Often this means bringing together occupational and personal pensions in a common more easily controlled investment strategy. It is a time for careful analysis and sensible re-arrangements

Pension transfers – The Key Benefits

  • Pensions can be transferred and consolidated
  • From occupational and personal schemes
  • Care should be taken too improve benefits and outcomes
  • Aligning of investment strategy

Pension Transfers

There are many pressures on Pension plans and arrangements particularly in occupational area and at the same time the changes in personal circumstances and employment often mean the need to consolidate a number of exiting schemes and arrangements. In doing so it should be a time of careful analysis especially so for those with existing fixed benefit schemes.

Some key pointers

Carefully analyse the benefits with your current schemes, certain ones like Guaranteed Annuity Rates are unlikely to be bettered in a new scheme.

If you are over 55 then there maybe an opportunity to take a cash payment.

However with all these matters  Informed will help you in making the right decisions from all of the available options. And then in-act the changes properly and carefully.

It all starts with a  full in depth analysis of each and every existing arrangement which Informed conducts for every client and situation.

When transferring pensions it is vital have a trusted independent financial adviser… that’s the role Informed IFA fulfils
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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