The INFORMED Overview

ISA stands for ‘Individual Savings Account’. It’s a kind of account that allows you to save money without having to pay any further tax on your returns. The Government introduced ISAs in order to encourage people to save.Everyone over 18 has an allowance of £11,520 that they can pay into ISAs each tax year.When you are planning your finances or are starting to save Informed can help you make the best decisions

ISA – The Key Benefits

  • Easy to setup
  • £11,520 annual allowance
  • Up to £5,760 can be in cash
  • Invest in cash and/or shares
  • All returns TAX FREE

ISA Descriptions and questions

The Cash ISA

When you choose a Cash ISA, you need to consider the rate of return and the access to your money offered by the product.

Stocks & Shares ISA

With a Stocks & Shares ISA, you will need to choose one or more unit trust funds to invest in and take account of their different investment objectives and risk profiles. There are literally thousands of funds offered by hundreds of providers to choose from in the UK. Making the right choice can be difficult and so most people tend to seek help from a financial adviser to ensure they choose funds that reflect how much risk they want to take with their investment. offers both types of ISA; Cash ISA from s well as a range of Unit Trust funds in a Stocks & Shares ISA investments. Your choice(s) will depend on your attitude to risk, your savings goals, your preferences and the mix of funds you need to achieve a balanced portfolio.

How much can you invest in ISAs?

Your annual ISA allowance is currently £11,520 for the 2013/2014 tax year*. Up to £5,760 of this allowance can be saved in a cash ISA and the remainder can be saved in a stocks and shares ISA. These can both be with the same provider or each with different providers, However you can’t invest in two different Stocks & Shares ISA’s in the same year.

Stocks & Shares ISA or a Cash ISA?

Stocks & Shares ISAs invest in unit trust funds across a range of ‘assets’ such as shares, bonds and property. Where as Cash ISAs are cash deposit savings offering variable or fixed rates of interest.  Stocks & Shares ISA unit trust give you a varying return because they reflect the performance of the underlying assets. They generally offer a greater potential return than cash savings over the long-term, yet also come with more ups and downs along the way.

It makes sense to consider putting your money into ISAs first as any return you receive will be free of both UK income and capital gains tax.
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