The INFORMED Overview

Knowing what to invest in and when to invest in it are important as well as achieving the right balance towards risk in your portfolio. With planned access to capital and on-going income the starting point is to make sure your asset values keep pace with inflation. INFORMED will work with you to build a powerful portfolio that is just right for you.

ISA – The Key Benefits

  • How much to invest
  • Balance of risk
  • A balanced portfolio
  • Tax efficiency
  • When to act
  • Growth v Income
  • ISAs, Equities & Bonds, Cash
  • Active management

Investment Types

There are three main types of cash itself, equities and bonds. Equities are simply shares in companies that are traded on stock markets and can have both share value and dividend income.


Bonds are in effect fixed term loans to governments and companies that pay fixed interest rates, over a set period.


Cash can be deposited at banks and bank securities earning variable rates of interest.
A popular way to invest in a wide range of assets is to use an unit or investment trust. The trust pools together contributions, and spreads both the costs and benefits of investing.

Tax efficient investing – ISAs

ISAs can invest in equities, bonds and cash and are a tax efficient way of saving your money.  Any price gains or interest earned are not subject to capital gains tax.  So taking up the annual ISA allowance is an important long-term savings consideration as part of your overall investment planning. For more detail see the ISAs page.

INFORMED sets out to recommend the right investments for each of its clients.

An appropriate risk rated portfolio tailored to meet the income and growth needs arranged in a tax efficient manner.
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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