The INFORMED Overview

The government scheme designed to provide a company pension scheme for all employees through automatic enrolment which will in future affect every business in the country.

ISA – The Key Benefits

  • The workplace NEST schemes is being rolled out to all by 2018
  • There are options for the employee and employer
  • Informed can help you with the options and actions

Who will be involved

Everyone aged  22 or over, earning  £8,105 p.a. or more, in employment and not currently paying in pension scheme can be auto-enrolled into the scheme. However depending on the size of the company employees  may not be enrolled  until 2018.

What are the payment levels

Starting at 1% of  pre-tax salary paid monthly. The employer will also contribute an amount equal to 1% of the pre-tax salary . However, the amount that both employee and employer pay into the pension will gradually increase so that by October 2018 , 5% pre-tax earnings are paid into the pension with a further 3% paid in by your employer.

What if there is already a company pension scheme?

If an  existing work-place pension scheme meets the minimum contributions criteria then it will not affected by auto-enrolment. If contributions are less than 2% of  pre-tax salary then more will have to be paid to meet the minimum contribution threshold for 2012.

Where will the fund be invested?

Initially the investments will be in a pooled default fund invested in a wide range of companies, stocks and shares.

Eventually there should be a selection of different funds from which to choose. Each with varying  investment strategies and risks options.

How much will the pension cost to run?

The annual charge has been set at 0.3%. With an additional 1.8% annual fee to cover the launch of the scheme will also be charged although this may be withdrawn in the future.

The NEST scheme now know as Workplace Pensions Is being rolled out. INFORMED can take you through the actions and options
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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