The INFORMED Overview

Private Medical Insurance provides private healthcare for the majority of conditions without the need to rely on the NHS

Private Medical Insurance – The key pointers

  • Cover available for individuals, family and corporate
  • Can include psychiatric, optical, dental and physiotherapy
  • More affordable than many people realise
  • No need to rely on NHS

Private Medical Insurance cover

Standard PMI plans cover essential treatments, including surgery, consultations, nursing and hospital care, but exclude treatment for drug addiction and incurable conditions.
Comprehensive policies offer additional benefits, ranging from complementary medicine to personal accident cover. Health insurance can pay for quick diagnosis, tests like MRI scans and prompt treatment of acute illness or injury. Health insurance does not generally cover GP services, the management of long-term conditions or accident and emergency incidents

Types of plan

The two types of plan are ‘fully underwritten’ and ‘moratorium’. With a Fully Underwritten policy you have to disclose your full medical history to establish what will be covered. On the other hand Moratoriums set blanket exclusions on pre-existing conditions going back over a number of years.
INFORMED can help you choose and then set up the right plan for your health and circumstances

Providing Private Healthcare immediately for your family and firm on competitive terms

Watch the video below which helps demonstrate the tax savings and benefits of Relevant Life plans.

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