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Creating an individual Pension fund for both parties needs careful handling at a difficult time. Impartial advice in this area is critical.

PENSIONS ON DIVORCE – The key pointers

  • There are three key routes for share pensions
  • Each one needs understanding and experience
  • A pragmatic and knowledgeable approach helps all parties

Pension on Divorce

There are three ways that your pensions can be divided when divorce or civil partnership are dissolved

Pension sharing

An award of a percentage share of any one of your ex-partner’s pensions. This share can either be transferred into a pension in your name, which could be one that you already have or a new one, or you will able to join your ex-partner’s pension scheme.

Pensions attachment ( known ‘earmarking’)

An agreed amount of your ex-partner’s net pension income or lump sum (or both) is paid to you when it starts being paid to them. This means you will not receive pension payments before your ex-partner has started taking his or her pension. This is important to note especially if your ex-partner is much younger than you, or they retire later than you as you will have to wait for your share of the pension.

Pensions offsetting

In which the value of any pensions is offset against other assets. As an example you take a greater share of the family home in return for your ex-partner keeping their pension income.
Which ever route you take rest assured INFORMED can help you through a difficult time to a mutually agreeable outcome.
For dealing with pensions when getting divorced INFORMED have an experienced team to provide not only the best advice but ,importantly, a mutually acceptable outcome.

Enables both spouses to take control of their pension fund.
Of course our first meeting leaves you with no obligation or cost. We look forward to helping you to become informed.

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