The INFORMED Overview

Insurance designed to provide a lump sum or income in the event of premature death. Your children and dependants, together with mortgages, are the key considerations when thinking about life cover and whether it is required.

LIFE INSURANCE – The key pointers

  • Understand what you commitments are and what your dependants and family will need of you are no longer providing and income
  • Decide on what payments you can afford
  • Select the right policy and provider

Getting the right cover

The cover that you need will depend on your individual circumstances. Consider if on your death or becoming unable to work through illness then what would you need to ensure your dependents are provided and the financial commitments will be me.

Setting the premium at the right level

Importantly, how much you can afford to spend?
There are many providers, terms and protection cover. INFORMED can help you decide what cover you need the premiums you can afford and a recommended provider.

Protect you and your family if you die prematurely.

Watch the video below which helps demonstrate the tax savings and benefits of Relevant Life plans.

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