The INFORMED Overview

Critical Illness Cover is insurance is designed to pay out a tax-free lump sum on the diagnosis of a specified condition. It provide peace of mind of how to cope moneywise at a difficult time

critical illness cover – The key pointers

  • Pays out on the diagnosis of a prescribed illness
  • Can be used for cash lump sum which is tax free
  • Or to provide an income

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover is designed to provide a  tax free cash lump sum when you are diagnosed with  a specified condition  (Normally up to 40 specific conditions are  covered including stroke, heart attack and a number of cancers )

Do you need critical illness cover?

Recovery from a critical illness may take time  resulting in having to take time off work which may result in a reduced income. If things were so difficult that you had to give up work completely then  Critical Illness Cover could be used to pay for private treatment or to make any necessary changes to your home

Our Critical Illness Cover at a glance:

Critical Illness Cover can be added to our life insurance policies at an additional cost and in some case cover can be extended to your children a little or no additional cost
Informed can help you choose the right level of cover dependent on your overall circumstances and those of your family.

Critical Illness Cover is an important cover for difficult times

Watch the video below which helps demonstrate the tax savings and benefits of Relevant Life plans.

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